Frequently asked questions about Poker Conquest.

Q.What is Poker Conquest?

A. Poker Conquest is a single player no-limit texas holdem game that pits you against computer players from 180 countries. Your goal is to conquer the world playing poker by beating a computer player from each country.

Q.What platforms is it available for?

A. Initially Poker Conquest will only be available for Windows desktops, tablets and phones with plans to release versions for iPhone and Android soon after.

Q.Why do I start in Europe?

A. In the game, Europe has 47 countries to conquer and has tournaments with a wide range of entry fees. We believe that by starting in this continent the player can sufficiently build up their bankroll before exploring other continents.
If the player wants to unlock another continent before conquering Europe they can do with an in app purchase.

Q.How do I unlock other continents?

A. Players unlock additional continents by conquering every country in their current continent or by an in app purchase.