A single player texas holdem poker game

Conquer the entire world playing poker.
One country at a time.

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Poker Conquest
World Map

World Map

180 countries over 6 continents to conquer

Prove you're the best in over 180 countries by beating the computer champion in each country. Conquer every country in a continent to unlock additional continents.

Continent Map

Win tournaments to build your bank roll

At first you will only be able to afford to enter a few tournaments. Win those in order to build your bankroll to be able to enter the main tournaments with larger prizes.

In game

In Game

Prove you're the best and defeat the computer in each country

Defeat the country champion computer player at heads up to conquer that country.


I was getting fed up of how few good single player poker apps there were out there, so I decided to make one. Enjoy!

Lee Englestone

Lee Englestone
Creator of Poker Conquest